FlixBus Charter

Party bus rental

Enter desired destination and receive an offer immediately

Rent a party bus with driver

Rent a party bus with driver: organize your own trip, plus starting and destination of your choice.

Bus mit Fahrer mieten

Be there every time

f your party includes night trips or weekend rides, we are your contact for the group bus journeys. In case you want to do a short trip, a day trip or a trip of several days, we will customize your desired route.

Passendes Angebot für alle Anfragen

All locations

Our busses can be rented for national events or even parties and festivals abroad. Every location is good enough to make a visit. You name the destination and we'll bring you there.

Zuverlässige und erfahrene Partner

Your driver

During your journey, you will have one of our capable and experienced drivers on site. We will take care of the most convenient way of carefully carrying out of your journey, without bother you about driving.

For all events

FlixBus Charter helps you to create your individual tour. You plan to visit a museum, a historic city, an amusement park or travel abroad? We pick you up right from the school gate and bring you wherever you want. If you also need a bus on site, if you want to include a stopover to onboard further passengers or if you have bigger lugguage to transport, we will help you to make every wish come true. However, if it is the case that sudden changes happen during the pre-travel phase, your personal contact person is reachable around the clock to support you with your arising technical, personal or other individual issues.

Partying together

You have a specific occasion or just want to go on tour with your friends, FlixBus Charter is exactly what you need here. Gather your friends and explore new cities, locations and adventures together. Start the party right in the bus and use the ride to become closer to your people. Since no one of you is responsible for handling the traffic and needs to be attentive during driving, you can all lean back and start anticipating what is expecting you. In our busses, everybody gets a seat and there is even enough space for all your equipment, if needed.