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Rent a bus for your wedding

Rent a bus for your wedding
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Charter a Bus for your Wedding

Let’s be honest, coordinating weddings can sometimes be overwhelming and a bit stressful. Renting a private bus with a chauffeur for your wedding day can truly make your life easier. For the bride and groom, it’s added security for the program and logistics. For the guests, it will be a pleasant surprise to help them get to each location easily and stress-free. We know how important this day is, and how much there is to do to prepare for it. Let us take care of transportation, so you can take one item off your to-do list. On the day of the wedding, you can simply relax – we’ll get your guests where they need to go.

All bus sizes available, affordable prices, and modifications or free cancelation up to 14 days before departure. Do you want to learn more?

Different types of transportation to fit your needs

Rent a bus that fit the needs of your wedding

Transportation between venues

Bride and grooms sometimes prepare a wedding program worthy of a marathon. The day is often busy and could take place at several venues. Everything from the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and an after party, the guests might not know where to go or how to get there. We would be happy to take care of that transportation. Is there a slight delay in your program? No problem! The driver is only dedicated to your big day. Renting a bus throughout the entire night can help facilitate the organization of your wedding, and take one item of stress off your mind.

Multiple pickup locations and times

Finding a place for all your guests to stay can sometimes be a tricky task. Everyone has different needs and preferences, and hotels might not be big enough to accommodate everyone. We are happy to arrange a bus to pick up your guests from multiple hotels at different times to fit the needs of your schedule. This way, no one will worry about how to travel to the venue and back, but can relax and simply enjoy this special day.

Shuttle Services

We know how it is. There’s always a volunteer to lead the way to each venue, but rarely one to guide you in the return trip. Everyone wants to relax and enjoy the party, and that’s normal. Renting a bus for your wedding can solve this problem! FlixBus Charter can arrange shuttles that go late into the evening, so all your guests can easily return to their hotel or bed and breakfast at a time that’s best for them. Everyone wins! Guests can party at your side into the night, and we’ll make sure they get home comfortably and safely whenever they’re ready.

A comfortable transportation solution for your guests

Comfortable Bus Solution for wedding guests

Customizable trip

Every wedding is unique, and there are often many locations in the program. Simply send our skilled agents your itinerary and number of passengers, and we’ll take care of the rest! Our bus will follow your exact route, step-by-step, and ensure everyone reaches each location safely and comfortably. Let us help you make the planning of this day easier. It’ll be your schedule, your locations, and your big day!

Luggage and gifts safely stored

By renting a bus with us, guests have the option to leave their luggage or a day-bag in the bus’s storage compartment. We can also easily transport over-sized wedding gifts until it is time to present them to the bride and groom. Before, during, or after the wedding ceremony, the bus trunk is a reliable and safe place to leave your belongings.

Private driver and bus for your day

The last thing anyone wants to worry about at a wedding is arriving late. Our friendly, professional drivers will be dedicated to you on this special day, and will ensure your family and friends arrive on time to each venue. We are happy to offer you a clean, modern bus that fits your needs, and can even provide VIP buses equipped with drinks, screens, a microphone, and toilets. Upon request, you can even decorate the bus to match the style of your wedding!

The cost of renting a bus for your wedding

Our prices at FlixBus Charter are very competitive, so do not hesitate to get a quote! If you only need a one-way or round trip, you can receive an instant quote with our online price calculator above. For itineraries that are a bit more complex, one of our expert agents would be happy to assist you! Just send us an email and we will send you a personalized quote for your itinerary. Our affordable rates will allow you to easily remain within your wedding budget, because yes, we know that it is often a sacred number.

Flexible planning for your bus

Coordinating any size group can be stressful. Planning can be particularly stressful if your details aren’t finalized yet. We know it can take a long time to plan a wedding, and how easily certain details can change. When you reserve a bus with us at FlixBus Charter, we can guarantee any changes to your trip until two weeks before departure. This means you can easily change the number of passengers, itinerary, locations, and times as your details become more finalized. Don’t worry, we’re happy to make sure everything follows your plan as it comes together.

Receive an instant quote online

Because your wedding does not wait, take advantage of our online price calculator to receive an instant quote. For a simple one-way or round trip, enter the departure and arrival addresses, the times that fit your schedule, and the number of passengers in the pricing tool above. If your request is a little more complex, such as multiple stops or a shuttle service, just write us an email with your itinerary and our agents will create a personalized offer for your big day.

  • For an instant quote, use our price calculator at the top of the page
  • To write to us, send an email to: charter@flixbus.com

Payment options and cancelation

The payment for your trip is due 14 days prior to departure. You can also cancel free of charge until this date. You can pay:

  • By credit card
  • By bank transfer
  • By SEPA