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Booking Options

Where can I go with FlixBus Charter?

Our buses are allowed to travel into most European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland.

However, we cannot offer trips that start in the following countries: Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Slovenia, Spain.

Can I determine the trip itinerary myself?
When you rent a bus with FlixBus Charter, you select the departure and destination addresses, the date, the departure times and any stopovers that may be required. We arrange a bus to match to your individual wishes and itinerary.
What is included in the offer?
The offer price includes the transfer by coach and driver, all costs for parking and tolls, city entrance fees, and, if necessary, the accommodation and meals of the driver. The offer does not include stops lasting longer than 15 minutes or use of the bus on site for local transfers. If you need additional services or transfers, please let us know your wishes when making a reservation by including them in the comment box or send us an email to charter@flixbus.com. You will receive a customized offer from us.
Can I rent a bus for a whole day?
Yes. The instant price on the FlixBus Charter website does not include a full day bus rental, but we are happy to create a suitable offer for your desired trip. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a flat rate for security reasons. Please let us know your concrete plans by email tocharter@flixbus.comand we will send you a personalized offer.
Can I rent the bus for a city tour?
Yes. We are happy to create a suitable offer for your city tour. Unfortunately, we cannot offer spontaneous tours, so please let us know in advance the exact route and the desired stopovers. We will send you a personalized offer for your trip.
Can I rent a bus for several days?
Yes. You can rent the bus for multiple-day trips. In order to provide you with a suitable offer, please send us your exact day-to-day travel plans by email to charter@flixbus.com. More detailed information about multiple-day trips can be found here.
Can I use the bus on site at the destination?
The offer does not automatically include use of the bus for additional trips at your arrival location. If you require the bus on site, please inform us of your plans when making a reservation or send us an e-mail to charter@flixbus.com. You will receive a customized offer from us. Please note, use of the bus on site can incur additional costs.
Which bus sizes are there?
We have different bus sizes. The bus selected for your group depends on availability and is selected to fit the size of your group. Your individual offer is always calculated based on the number of passengers traveling.

Reservation & Booking

Are there price differences for children and adults?
No. Each person traveling needs their own seat. Therefore, the prices are the same for all passengers.
How do I know if there are still buses available for my trip?
As long as you receive a fixed price on the FlixBus Charter website, buses are still available and it is still possible to book the bus, usually up to four days before departure.
My reservation was successful. Does that guarantee the trip will take place?
Yes. A successful reservation means we will organize a bus for your trip. However, we reserve the right to cancel the bus if the trip is deemed risky or the payment is not made.
Why can I not reserve the bus, but only book directly?
If your trip takes place within the next 14 days, we cannot offer you a non-binding offer. Due to the short-term nature of your request, only a direct booking is possible.
Can I still make changes to my reservation?
You can make changes to your trip until 14 days prior to departure. Please note that changes may affect the offer price. For fast processing please log into our customer portal and make your changes directly online.


How much luggage can be taken?
For groups between 2-35 people, 1 hand luggage (max 42 x 30 x 18 cm) per person can be taken. From groups with 36+ people, 1 hand luggage (max 42 x 30 x 18 cm) and 1 suitcase (max 67 x 50 x 27 cm) per person can be taken. If your group is traveling with additional luggage, this information has to be provided in advance. Please note that additional luggage may incur additional charges.
Can I bring extra or special luggage?
If we are notified in advance, it is possible to receive a bus with extra storage space or an additional trailer. We can also organize bike trailers or ski boxes, if needed. Please inform us immediately if you want to take extra or special luggage with you. These extra requests may incur additional charges.
Can I leave my luggage in the bus?
On request, you can leave your luggage on the bus. Please keep in mind that this may result in additional costs.


How can I pay for the trip?
You can pay by SEPA direct debit, credit card or by invoice. We can only accept Visa and Mastercard. When booking within 14 days of departure, payment on account is no longer possible.
When is the payment for the trip due?
The total amount must be received 14 days before departure. Payment by SEPA direct debit or credit card: the amount will automatically be deducted 14 days before departure. Payment by invoice: the payment must be in the FlixBus account 2 weeks prior to departure. Please make the transfer early as the transfer may take up to a week to arrive.
How can I redeem my voucher?
You can redeem your voucher in the space provided during the reservation / booking process. You can use one coupon per bus. Please note that only coupons from FlixBus Charter are allowed, and vouchers from the scheduled services are not redeemable for a private bus rental.
What are the cancellation conditions?
  • If you cancel up to 14 days before the planned departure date, cancellation is free.
  • If you cancel 13 to 7 days before the scheduled departure date, cancellation fees of 75% of the total agreed fare will apply.
  • If you cancel 6 to 1 days before the scheduled departure date, cancellation fees of 90% of the agreed total price of the trip will apply.
  • If you cancel on the day of the trip, the agreed total price of the trip must be 100% compensated.
I have not received any invoice yet. How should I proceed?
How can I change the invoice address?
As long as the trip is not yet paid for, you can change your invoice address in our customer portal. The updated invoice will be made available directly online.

During the trip

How are the buses equipped?
Typically, coaches with at least 41 seats are equipped with a microphone, music connection and cool box/refrigerator. If you have any additional requests, please let us know in advance by including it in the comments field when making a reservation or by email to charter@flixbus.com. You will receive a customized offer from us. Please note, the transportation services provided by FlixBus Charter are not usually carried out with a green branded FlixBus and do not provide WiFi or outlets on the bus.
Is my bus equipped with an emergency toilet?
With a group size of 41+ passengers and a travel distance of 100 km or more, the bus will typically be equipped with a toilet. This is for emergency use only and has limited capacity. You can alternatively ask the driver to make short breaks during the trip.
How can I contact the driver if I cannot find the bus?
You will receive the contact details of the bus driver by email one business day before the trip to contact them in case of an emergency. If you have any questions about the journey, you can contact us by email at charter@flixbus.com als auch or by phone at +49 30 300 137 130.
What happens if the bus is delayed?
High traffic can lead to unplanned delays. If your bus is not yet at the agreed departure place within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time, please contact your bus driver. If they are not available, you can reach us at +49 30 300 137 130. We will locate your bus and inform you as soon as possible.
Will we take breaks while driving?
Usually, if no breaks are previously agreed upon, your trip will not have any scheduled breaks. However, for longer trips, a legal resting period of 45-minutes for the driver is required every 4.5 hours. If necessary, you can request short toilet and smoking breaks to the bus driver directly.
Can I play my own music?
In general, playing your own music is not a problem. Please note that the bus driver must ensure the safety of all passengers at all times during the journey and that the volume must not affect their concentration.
Can I eat and drink on the bus?
Eating and drinking is allowed on the bus. However, please avoid odorous or messy foods, and consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. Beverage crates must be stowed in the luggage compartment and cannot be transported directly with the passengers. Please inform us in advance about the amount, so that enough storage space is provided. Please remove all trash when you leave the bus.
Can I travel with a dog?
No, the transport of dogs and other animals in a long-distance passenger bus is not allowed.

Terms & Policies

What safety regulations apply on the bus?
All passengers are required to wear a seatbelt on the bus for the entire journey.
What do I have to consider when traveling with small children?
We recommend toddlers 0 to 3-years-old travel in child seats. These must be fastened to the bus during the ride with the two-point seatbelts. The child seats must be provided by the passengers. The bus driver reserves the right to refuse carriage in the event of a missing child seat.
Who is liable for contamination or damage?
The costs for a standard cleaning is covered by FlixBus or our bus partners. The booker will be charged for any contamination that requires special cleaning. The same applies to damage caused by the customer in and on the bus.
What should I be aware of on international trips?
Please allow for a time buffer for your trip, as border controls or unexpected traffic may elongate the travel time. When traveling to another country, all passengers are responsible for carrying all necessary documents (for example identity card or passport, visa, residence permit, etc.) and only carry duty-free goods with them. The luggage must not be locked to speed up the customs clearance and should be marked with travelers’ name and address to avoid confusion. Please inform yourself in advance about the passport and visa requirements, foreign exchange, customs and health regulations for your group.
Who should I contact if something has been forgotten on the bus?
If something was forgotten, contact charter@flixbus.com by email or call +49 30 300 137 130 to reach our service team. We will need your trip ID, on which trip the item was lost (if your group had multiple transfers) and a description of the missing item. We will then contact the respective bus partner/driver and notify you immediately.